Sumter's design team can quickly tailor make designs for:

• Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) Displays
• Industrial Packaging
• Boxes
• Consumer Packaging
• Specialties

In addition to corrugated board, we can also integrate a variety of other materials into the design such as foam, wood, and plastic. Foam inserts and build-ups, corrugated roll-ups and plastic corrugated are some of the materials we use to make sure our customers' products are protected in a variety of conditions. For each project, we work with you to help minimize setup time, optimize the design to work with your machinery, reduce waste, handle specialized environmental conditions and provide attractive packaging for your customers. For rush or confidential projects we also have the ability to rapidly develop prototypes while you are on-site allowing you to get to market quickly and securely.

Below are just few examples of the products we offer!